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SUN-BALLET  International Dance Camps 
taking place in the heart of Europe: Switzerland .in collaborating with the remarkable dance schools and prestigious worldwide known "Bejart Ballet Lausanne company in Switzerland. and international guest teachers ,introducing  a series of  dance courses for young talents ,delivering a training method of classical and contemporary dance session , ensure the students with enriching and developing them onto another level, throughout weekly period of intensive study allowing participants to benefit an enjoyable yet challenging dance journey .

Ballerinas in Class

2024 Summer Dance Camp


Portfolio of Dance Summer Camp

Splatter Painting

Programme Objective 
As for nowadays , dancing has becomes a very essential knowledge and skill to all young students. This programme is intended for anyone who is interested in dance, who wants to get into the dance world and broaden their horizons beyond individual disciplines. We  provide an corporative way of thinking and a focus on individual development .the approach followed at the SUN-BALLET mentor team engages with the academic dance tradition ( including classical ballet and contemporary dance) the aim of the training provided is to develop the future dances’ technique skills and artistic sensibility .Students become familiar with various styles of classical and contemporary ,and are able to enjoy this period of training .

Contents and  Structure 

The one week curriculum covers the essential disciplines of dance technique that form the dancer’s "craft", and is designed to boost the students’ core skills in preparation for entering a ballet school that will place rigorous demands on their technique. 
Classical ballet training 
Classical Repertoire 
Contemporary class 
Contemporary repertoire 
Hip-pop dance


Age: 7 -12 years old 
Dance beginner , intermediate 

Morges Switzerland
3 or 4 star hotel

Registration / Tuition fees
Please contact us for more information

Presentation and Awards 

At the very end of the course we provide to students a great opportunity and platform to demonstrate their learning process and competence after a week of intensively study. Mentors of SUN-BALLET therefore will offer several awards and prices to the excellent students and further discuss and encourage individually towards their future in dance world  .

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