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Created 2018


Their words spun like a cyclone ,
Howling through the dark of the night ,
promising acceptance ,
if you give up all your light ,
but block your ears my darling ,you are not a brittle stone ,
this storm cannot erode you ,
for you're more than blood and bone ,
you 're deeper than the ocean ,
both unstoppable and free ,
and nothing can control ,
the wild intentions of seals when they try to shape you ,
slip like water from their palms ,
for wind should know it s reckless ,
to disturb the ocean's calm ,
you have the right to be here ,every right to what you feel ,
and the wind can howl forever ,but the ocean will not kneel ,
so do not let them change you ,
send your w
aves out far and wide ,
and let them learn the hard way ,
that you can't command the tide
--"waves and wind " Erin Hanson

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